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Dodge Ram Mega Cab Short Bed to Long Bed Truck Conversions

Dodge Ram Mega Cab Short Bed to Long Bed Truck Conversion Before

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Dodge Ram Mega Cab Long Bed Conversion Process

We eliminated the possibility of sagging by engineering our frame splice to be placed in the center of the bed, just in front of the rear axle, cradled between the spring mounts. This way, there is less stress placed directly on the splice. Most trucks experience sagging when the frame is spliced under the cab, where the splice is forced to support the weight and load of the truck in two equal halves. And to finish things off properly, we make sure that all of the welds and finish on the frame are in perfect condition.

We use the short bed as a trade in on the new long bed. The cost of a basic conversion starts at $7000.00 with a $500.00 credit for the short bed.

While we are working on your truck, we can install and/or customize many other things including things like: installing a pop-up 30,000-pound rated gooseneck hitch, a set of AirLift Load Lifter 5000 air bags, or a WirelessAir compressor with remote control to regulate and adjust the airbags, just to name a few.

We also work with Beds, Boxes, Racks, & Part Repairs

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Dodge Ram Mega Cab Conversion FAQs

Does the conversion void my factory warranty? If I live 1000 miles away, how do you handle warranty issues? Is the towing capacity of my truck affected? Can I install aftermarket accessories after the conversion? Just how long are they when they are done? Why doesn’t Dodge build a mega cab long bed? What is …

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